Phillip Riback - Datsun debuts new seven-seat Go+

Datsun debuts new seven-seat Go+

According to Phillip Riback, Datsun had only one goal, when they were trying to rebuild Nissan – to offer its customers cheaper cars. The first such car was introduced in India early this summer, but the new GO model is now accompanied by the new GO+ that Datsun just launched in Indonesia.

The new minivan GO+ is based on the city car that was previously presented. Furthermore, it has just been upgraded with additional seats in the back, so this new GO+ can’t be described as extraordinary model, but Datsun’s engineers didn’t aim for that when

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Phillip Riback - Recalling of 292,879 Chevrolet Cruze models

Recalling of 292,879 Chevrolet Cruze models

According to the latest news Phillip Riback claims that the auto industry released the latest model Chevrolet Cruze Sedan. But stil, this Sedan will need to be repaired due to malfunctioning. Chevrolet announced the recall of 292,879 Cruze Sedan models over a brake glitch.

The Chevrolet Cruze Sedan was recalled due to problems with the braking system. This recall covers almost 293,000 cars that were produced from 2011 to 2012. According to Reuters, the code in the produced

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Phillip Riback - Alfa Romeo is coming out on the market with Giulietta

Alfa Romeo is coming out on the market with new Giulietta

The Italian Alfa hasn’t made any important progress in the past few years, says Phillip Riback after a small research. They succeeded to launch just a small Giulietta that does not quite represent this brand’s main features despite its qualities. Actually, this Italian manufacturer does not have any successful model for the last few for years, so they decided to change that.

The upcoming Alfa Romeo Giulietta is about to go out on the market. The brand failed to produce it for the last four years. So, they are trying to correct this mistake, and Giulietta should appear on the market within two years. The manufacturer removed the model several times from the list of priorities, because they didn’t have the right platform for the model. According to the latest information, Alfa will make another sedan and two crossovers. Moreover, Alfa Romeo will borrow the platform from the Maserati model for their new model Giulietta. This new model will be identical to the convertible Mercedes E-class, but the same platform of the Italians will be also used for the two crossovers  - BMW X1 and X3. That’s all that we can tell you about the new Alfa models that apart from the platform Maserati, the Italians could borrow and 4 × 4 drive and propulsion motors for the new Quattroporte and Ghibli.

Kia with another Sportage crossover

In addition, Kia’s tactics to provide two smaller models instead of an extensive redesign proved to be an excellent move. Just a year after Kia equipped the Sportage with a new look, they decided to make some changes once again. Only this time, the Sportage has a new front bumper, new front grille, different fog lights and wheels, LED taillamps and new interior.

Kia Sportage is ready to go on the domestic market. The crossover underwent some changes that will soon arrive in Europe and most likely, for the Motor Show in Frankfurt, which is in two months. Sportage has a new exterior design – different front grille, fog lights and rear lights. Click here to find out more.

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Phillip Riback - Tesla Model S is far better than the Americans claim

Tesla Model S is far better than the Americans claim

The car manufacturer Tesla has a really interesting background story, says Phillip Riback. All those who want to peak into the past of Tesla electric cars; they must know how they became successful in the first place. In 2009, Tesla almost failed before it reached to the car market. But all of a sudden, they raised the price of Roadster, received a loan from Daimler, the boom on the U.S. stock market and the loan from the local government, positioned Tesla right where’s now – one of the most famous manufacturers of electric cars in the world.

This brand made a really bold move with the presentation of the concept of its Model S. At the time when Tesla should have had a finished product – limo, they had nothing but prototype, which they supported with ice at the last minute. Anyway, the brand has proceeded with the presentation of its model, but they did not start producing this new model right away. Fis now on sale. Model S can have three different versions, which have different batteries. When Tesla presented this car, they pointed out some optimistic figures. As far as Elon Musk and his company, they were too modest claiming that the Model S has 85 kWh battery and reaches 100 mph in 5.9 s

According to the team from “Drag Times”, the Model S can reach 100 mph in only 5.1 s, but also Model S can reach 402 meters for 13.7 s, which is 0.5 s faster than Tesla previously announced. Moreover, Tesla’s company also gave some wrong information about the horsepower of their limousine, but Drag Times made some researches, which have shown that the Model S has much more than 302 hp as Tesla claimed. Actually, this model has 320 hp. Click here to find out more.

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Phillip RIback - Adam Opel

Adam Opel

According to Phillip RIback’s statement, Opel presented the new Adam Opel in New York, yesterday. In addition, this new model of Opel had its world premiere at last year’s Paris Motor Show, but its further development, was introduced on Geneva’s fair this year. As they previously announced, this model appeared in some showrooms around the world, after the Geneva’s fair, but since yesterday, it is officially available everywhere. Adam Opel is a pioneer with its small modern city car design that also offers the highest level of individualization in the A segment. It is available in three-door version, which clearly is equal to with Fiat 500. They have also created sports car Adam Opel R2.

According to Opel, Adam is also the smallest car ever designed by the International Centre for Technical Development in Russelsheim with its production plant in Eisenach, Germany. Opel Adam comes along with two petrol engines 1.2-liter 70 hp and, fuel consumption of 5 l/100 km, emissions from 118g/CO2, and start/stop system, and 1.4-liter 87 hp with the same consumption. These engines come with five gears, but Opel have already announced its new generation of petrol engines, direct injection and turbocharger with a new generation of six degrees of manual transmission.

Actually, Adam is special about its individualization, and its unlimited customization capabilities. Adam is also available with two-tone combination for the exterior and the roof, 12 exterior colors, three colors for the roof, 31 wheel design, and similar combinations for the wheels in 6 different colors. As for the interior, there is four-color interior design, 15 seats, 19 combinations for the interior, some of them with backlit, six-color ceiling with three printed motifs, eight different ambient lighting. Click here to find out more about this new model.

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Presentation of new Toyota Corolla in Istanbul

Presentation of new Toyota Corolla in Istanbul

Today, Toyota is making a presentation about the new Corolla in Istanbul, says Phillip Riback. This eleventh generation will continue its predecessors’ tradition as best-selling car. Those predecessors have ensured world-wide popularity of Toyota’s models.

In addition, the visual look of this model will remain exactly the same. There is not much of the Furia concept that Corolla had previously announced, therefore the idea of appealing car passed into an average one. Actually, it seems that this model is just not made for European market. This model is far from Auris model and its aggressive look. The new Corolla is a car that should attract the older people all around the world.

Toyota just did not want to take any risks and wanted to play safe. Therefore, they wanted to continue being popular with the new Corolla, going with the same pattern, as they did for the past 50 years. They also wanted to maintain the figure of 40 million models sold. Despite all these facts about this new Toyota model, Corolla could show off with its really modern look. The interior of the car is now much more expensive.

Thanks to its 99.8 mm longer wheelbase, this sedan gives more room for its passengers. The new model brings along new dimensions i.e. this model is 99 mm longer (4,650 mm length), 16 mm wider and 10 mm lower than his predecessor. This car weighs 1,315 kg, and is powered by two 1.8-liter engines. The first one has 132 hp and 174 Nm, while the other one gives more 8 hp. This model could show off with a fuel consumption of 5.9 l/100 km. We will have some more specific information about Corolla, after Toyota’s premiere at the end of the week.  Click here to see more images.


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Phillip Riback - Hyundai i20 WRC

Hyundai tests for WRC car

Three-day tests Hyundai marked the beginning of the preparations for the WRC next year says Phillip Riback. These days, i20 WRC traveled more than 550 km, without any technical issues. In fact, in this first phase Hyundai tested its 1.6-liter turbo charged engine that will compete on the future rally tracks.

This is not the first time that Hyundai tests its own WRC car, but it is the first time to test a model from its own motorsport department. The past three days, they gathered some data about this car that needs to be analyzed, so they could adjust i20 WRC for the second phase of testing.

The final product Hyundai i20 WRC should be able to pass the rally in Monte Carlo early next season, adds Mr. Phillip Riback.

The first Exclusive Auto Moto

In addition, we would like to add something more about the first Auto Moto in New York. Yesterday, the Exclusive Auto Moto Show finished its Premiere, which took place from 23 to 26 May in the Tower Center in New York. On the first day, a group of beautiful hostess welcomed the visitors at the shopping center.  The actual reason why they all gathered, were some innovations in the auto and motorcycle industries.

The first Exclusive Auto Moto Show held at the Tower Center attracted a great number of visitors from New York and some other places, as well as from Italy and Slovenia. The show presented a sufficient number of innovations – Chevrolet, Citroen, Fiat, Ford, Honda Infiniti, Mazda, Nissan and Opel models and the ones with a badge Range Rover, Seat, Skoda, Toyota and Volkswagen adds Riback.


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Phillip Riback - BMW accidentally exposed its refined M5

BMW “accidentally” exposed its refined M5

According to the Forbes list of the world’s most powerful brands, BMW is on a high ninth place, says Phillip Riback. So, Bavarians were given the title of most powerful brand in the automotive industry for the past year, similar to what Honda was a year earlier. This title will definitely sound good in upcoming advertising campaigns, especially when the closest competitors like Toyota and Mercedes are only at the 14th and 16th place.

But some things just should not be happening in the auto industry. However they constantly do and this is mostly to German brands. Is this intentional or just a marketing tactic is hard to say, but accidental publishing of photos of new models at the official website of the manufacturer has almost become a practice.

Several times in the past Mercedes cars appeared on their official web site, way before their presentation was supposed to be done. The same thing happened to Skoda and Volkswagen, and now the trend continued with BMW who “accidentally” released photos of its renewed M5. They were of course quickly removed, but not so fast that someone does not notice and store them on computer.

While finishing the configurator of revised M5, BMW’s web administrators briefly made the car ​​available for viewing. The configurator revealed that a refined M5 received different front grille, glitzy lights and revised side mirrors. The front fascia is now similar to that of the BMW M6, and from what we saw BMW’s engineers also made different finish to the cabin, which received new multimedia screen and new steering wheel, taken from the M6 model, finishes Mr. Ringel.

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Phillip Riback - New Mercedes C-Class uses the last snow for some winter tests

New Mercedes C-Class uses the last snow for some winter tests

Although judging by the weather you would never have said, but the winter is long past, says Phillip Riback. That is probably same in a large part of Europe, but there are still places where the snow is not completely gone. One such place is Sweden, where the new Mercedes C Class was caught enjoying the last snow before coming to the market.

The new C Class should go for sale early next year. This means that we will probably see its premiere in Frankfurt in late summer, but also that Mercedes will not have time to do another winter tests. So this manufacturer from Stuttgart now uses the last snow in Sweden in order to try this novelty on snow and ice. Although taken from a long distance the spy photos clearly reveal that the new C Class is inspired by the design of current A and S class models.

The characteristic front grille and headlights are similar to those of the A class give this novelty much more serious and stronger look than the one from the still current model. If you take a better look at these spy photos you will be able to notice that the inside of the headlights is very similar to that of the new S-class, which has yet to reach the market, and the same goes for the rear of the car that is very similar to the aforementioned innovations, adds Phillip Riback.

This rival of the Audi A4 and BMW series 3 and 4 apart from the sedan version should appear on the market and as a convertible and coupe and powered by a wide range of petrol and diesel engines borrowed from Renault. A little later in the range will be included and a plug-in hybrid engine.

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Phillip Riback - Germans do not give up, Audi takes over Alfa Romeo

Germans do not give up, Audi takes over Alfa Romeo

It seems like Volkswagen can’t get enough of Italian brands, says Phillip Riback. Ducati, Italdesign – Guigiaro and Lamborghini did not give them enough, and what the Germans would now like to see in their ownership is Alfa Romeo, for which the manufacturer from Wolfsburg has been interested over the past two years. Fiat has so far smoothly refused any possibility to sell Alpha to the Germans, but it seems that the climate is changing, as it seems to suggest latest rumors.

After buying Lamborghini and Ducati, Audi is about to go shopping for another Italian brand. Allegedly this time on the repertoire is Alfa Romeo which the brand from Ingolstadt wants to buy. Everyone is of course clear that behind the purchase (if it ever happens) is Volkswagen. To the possibility that Fiat’s boss Sergio Marchionne could this time fail to resist that offer from Germany suggests several facts.

One of them is Fiat’s disastrous situation in the European market where sales have almost completely ceased. If there is something Fiat needs at the moment, that is money especially when this Italian giant is keen to fully take over the American Chrysler. This requires money, which are every day coming less and less in Fiat’s hand. The other fact is that both brands deny any activity in this field, which could certainly mean the opposite. On the other hand, the recent agreement with Mazda and the launch of the new 4C should help Fiat to recover.

Audi is already for some time planning to expand in Italy, where it already has two brands, adds Riback. With Ducati and Lamborghini in its ownership, this German brand would also like to have a development center and its factory there, and would acquire all of this by purchasing Alfa Romeo.

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